Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Just Because.........

Women in Egypt die of Breast cancer on a daily basis - just because it isn't detected and therefore treated early enough....

Just Because... is a registered charity aiming to raise funds and promote awareness, prevention and early detection of breast cancer for women in Egypt.

It is a charity set up by UK bellydancers who want to make a difference to the lives of women in Egypt- the home of Bellydance.

Bellydancers have been raising funds to purchase a mobile mammography unit in Egypt so that women even in the most rural, poorest areas in the country have access to live saving knowledge..... and treatment.

The money raised so far has come from fundraising haflas, workshops, sponsered dances, personal donations, raffles etc etc etc - there are many fun ways to help give back to the women who have given us the dance we love so much!

YOU can make a difference too....

Have a look at their website to read more about it and see how you and your bellydance community can become involved.


please forward this onto any bellydancers you know, friends, teachers, students... anyone who might be interested in helping organise an event to do some good for the women of Egypt.

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