Friday, July 13, 2007

San Franciscan wedding….

Well…. I have known about this trip for quite a while, but couldn't write anything on the blog about it because I was booked to perform at a friends wedding, in San Francisco, by her mother, as a surprise gift to the bride and groom. I've never been a wedding present before!!!!

So Vanessa and Dave got married on 7.7.07. Lucky for some. It certainly seemed to be for them- the sun was shining, the fog stayed away and it was really one of the most beautiful weddings ever. The ceremony and reception were held in a field/ garden area on top of a 'mountain' with the most superb drive through the redwood forests to get there and stunning views that would compete with many Scotland has to offer (although less green!). It all took place in Sonoma County- ie the home of Californian wine; so much of the drive there was through vineyards (called wineries!!!) along winding country roads. It really was like a Scotland with sunshine and I can see why so many Scots have settled over there. The latest of course being Dave.

I had a very Californian moment the day before the wedding, being driven around by one of Vanessa's sisters in her convertible Mustang, with the music full blast and the wind knotting up my hair. I swear my jaws hurt from smiling so much!!!

It was also lovely meeting so many wonderful people. What a friendly bunch- and the Californians among them so much more real and genuine than the ones I have met in the past from LA. Friends of the bride put me up without having met me previously and really were wonderful hosts- cooking amazing breakfasts and driving me round some of the loveliest scenery. The Scots there were lovely too…… with many of Dave's family (including his gran who was in her 90's) having travelled from Scotland especially for the event.

I danced at the wedding during the meal.. Starting by being escorted onto stage with the bagpiper playing 'Scotland the Brave' (maybe a good choice for the 'wardrobe malfunction' that was to follow!) Thank god people in the audience had safety pins on them- that’s all I can say!!!!

Vanessa and Dave had their first dance as a bellydance- which I have to say they followed so well that it looked like we had practised and choreographed the whole thing- well done guys!!!. Then I had all the tartan (or plaid as they call it there) wearers join me on the dance floor and when that started being a bit too male orientated, I had all 10, yes 10, of the bridesmaids join us too. I must look to see if anyone has added it onto utube yet!!!

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