Sunday, July 22, 2007

a few observations...

1) Its hot... very. the BBC website says 36- but I KNOW its over 40deg here downtown- I am going to invest in a themometer.... just so I can complain accuratly.

2) Arabs don't smile.... or clap much either- unless you play Khaleegy music then they are happy. GRRRR. Oh- and for those of you who don't know- egyptians don't call themselves arabs..... that term is reserved for people from around the gulf. Who are here in their droves... jamming the streets and throwing their money around. Some people call them buffalo (their grazing patterns seem to be alike!)

3) Watermelon if really ripe only needs to be cut in half and shaken for most of the black pips to fall out- that was an amazingly wonderful discovery of mine yesterday! (oh and ginger and cinammon are really lovely sprinkled over watermelon too!)

4) I have aquired a water palette- half way through our meal last night (went out with friends and ate tons!!!) the waiters changed the type of water they were serving us- and i could tell by the smell of it! How bizarre is that???

5) it's hot........ oh, sorry....... said that one already

6) pizza hut delivers 24/7 in the summer- thank god!

7) one person cannot, and should not, consume an entire watermelon herself- no matter if it seems like a good idea at the matter what you add to it....

8) blowing kisses over MSN to a very young nephew is really not as satisfying as getting a real hug from him.

9) the song 'i will survive' has a direct, actual arabic translation of it- word for word. And it recently won some award- scary.

10) its hot... very... sticky, sweaty, melting, draining heat............

11) I am the most untidy person I know- I have become so lazy since moving here... my flat is a pigsty and rain would be nice even if it was just to wash the balcony for me! I miss my cleaner (who's sick). Amazing what you get used to!

12) it is common knowledge here in Cairo that sleeping under the AC or a fan at night will give you a 'cold' in your stomach.... ??????????

13) a letter from Uk only took 6 days to arrive- I was pretty impressed by this!

14) when you are sick, or someone around you is, you 'Thank God'...... at least it proves you are still alive!!!!

15) dancing in front of women all wearing burkas can be the most depressing thing (if they shu , yes literally shu, you away as if you are a stray animal) or the most wonderful thing- when you see that twinkle in their eyes and the nod of the head to show appreciation and the aknowledgment that you are good at what you do and they wish they could be dancing too..... oh and when they stop you after the performance to ask for private lessons!!

16) The heat has stripped me of all motivated activity, I feel proud of myself when i have made the massive achievement of successfully showering, dressing and leaving the house (haven't managed that yet today- 9pm now!) ............ did I mention it's hot?

17) as much as I love this flat, and know it'll be a godsend in winter, I need somewhere cooler to live next summer! living on the top floor means the sun bakes me from above and from the sides everyday- thankfully i have to be most active at night - which is just as well!

18) Flies don't even live long in this weather.............. thank god

19) Oh - and I have made the decision.... that I will be here in Cairo til end of summer season next year at least......... unless something happens to change anything- so if people want to plan holidays I'll be here til sept 08 ....................................maybe longer........ who knows.....

20) found a new pool...... near me. Small but cheap...... fabbie.. except that seemingly uv rays are at danger levels this week across North Africa so I guess sunbathing is not wise til next week- went yesterday and spent the entire time putting on suncream then reappling it staight away- so it wasn't very relaxing!!!

21) I started writing this thinking I had only about 3 things to say and discovered 20..... hmmm- I observe the fact that I am a waffler!!!!!!!!!!!!

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