Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bizarre rules...and waffle

Do you know- every foreign worker here in Egypt has to take an HIV test , at a specified govermental building, before they can get their work visa... and .... they have to re-do this test EVERYTIME they return from abroad. Bizarre huh? As though it isn't possible to catch that in Egypt!!!!

After my test today I had a taxi journey like one I've not had in a while. I had my 'boy', Ahmed, with me- but it still happened.... the driver insisted on knowing where he was going, wouldn't listen to us- but drove the complete opposite direction from where he should have- and this was at 1pm at the hottest part of the day.... so a 15-20min taxi ride took an hour. GRRR

I had my first game of pool here today ( I played badly, but so did my friend, so it was a fun way to spent a couple of hours in the mid afternoon heat!) you could see the mosquitos landing on the table though- perfect place for them for them- obviously all the shots I missed were purely because I was bitten just as I was about to play my shot! (note to self- insect repellant next time I go there!!!!)

OH- and last night I performed on the Nile Pharaoh and saw a woman ( I am guessing Arab of some sort - but no idea from where exactly) in a black galabeya which had huge cut out patches of raw silk tarten in it!!!!!!!!! So no wonder the Egyptians like my tarten bellydance costumes- its something they see as a pretty pattern that has NO nationality significance!

To those of you in Bellydance scene in UK- Keep your eyes open for the next issue of the NADA magazine- I should be in it!

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