Monday, April 30, 2007

I LOVE my job

I really do. On friday my friend asked me 'are you working tomorrow' and most people would reply yes in a resigned manner- not me- I was like 'YES' with a big smile on my face (actually I said 'AYWA'! )

So far I have been working one trip a night on the boat- one show upstairs (2x 15min sets) and then the same downstairs. I have the luxury of not having to do a mega quick costume change since there is a tannoura (a whirling dervish) on between my 2 sets on each deck. But I do have a wonderful girl to help me with my costume change, sort my costumes, wipe the sweat off me and even give me a wee massage if needed.It really is a little piece of heaven!

I am totally loving the excitment of working with a live band too. It's still early days so we are still getting to know each other- but hugely enjoying the experience- esp the accordian solo in the baladi number and the drum solos!

Other than that I guess its similar to dancing in Morocco restaurarnt in Edinburgh......... entertaining the guests- getting photos taken with everyone- encouraging people up to dance and generally having a lot of fun. I have to say though that there is something deeply satisfying about dancing to an all Egyptian audience (as I had on the top deck last night) and seeing them appreciate what you are doing. Especially since they 'know' if you are good or not! I even had one Egyptian woman kiss my cheek as I danced past last night because she thought I was wonderful!!!!!

My friends came on friday night and that was a huge buzz for me. My friend Waleed used to dance in the Cairo Opera house and of course knows how to do the Asaya (stick) dance and I managed to persuade him to get up and join me on stage- it was as though we had choreographed it all- wonderful! Unfortunatly, although they took plenty video footage (which will give me good feedback when i sit down to watch it), they didn't take any stills................. so still no photos of my doing my thing to add here yet!!! Next time..........


Anonymous said...

Can you get the video footage up on YouTube for us? Please??!!
Elspeth x

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Promise........... as soon as I can get some decent video footage - and then work out how to add it to here- I will!!!!