Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April Fools Day

I tell you- I felt like a fool on Sat night! I had an early night (the first night in my new flat) but was awakened after about an hour by a loud noise. I still don't know what it was…. But new place, new sounds I guess…. I lay sooo still- very afraid, since I got it into my head that there was someone in the flat! After half an hour Khalid phoned and that gave me enough courage to get up and have a look around. There was nothing wrong of course so I felt like such a fool!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately it took 2 hours to get back to sleep again so I was like the walking dead for my Arabic lesson this morning!

The call to prayer is really loud in my new place……… not so it would wake you up- but lovely to hear, especially after being in Zamalek where you only heard the faint whisper of it. I like it.

Oh- and guess what- I left my window shut, with the shutters open this afternoon, and when I got home tonight the glass on the top of the coffee table have a huge crack along it- the sun had scorched the glass until it cracked! A perfect wavy line right across the width of the table. Amazing!!! I couldn't have even imagined that would happen!

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