Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza- I'm setting my babies free...!!!! No.1 The Red Poinsettia Costume for Sale

Yes... It has sadly come to this....

My wardrobe cannot take my costume love anymore. At 74 to my name at the moment (did tell you I am a hoarder?)  I guess it was only a matter of time before the rail actually collapsed (yes, it actually did.....!)

I spend so much time choosing, and often designing my own costumes that they really do feel like part of my family. Most of them are by top Cairo designers. I have rarely ever sold any. I have decided that it is not fair to these costumes to sit for months on end unused in my closet. It is not so I can go out and buy new ones... 'honest' (erm- sort of!)

I am sending them out into the world to make other people as happy as they have made me! 

Everyday I will add a costume to 'BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza', So keep watching out if you are in the mood to shop (or even just to dream!!)

I will be bring them all to UK with me in June/July and can post to you from there if needbe.... Postage is not included in prices quoted here. 

Sizes all fit me... (UK size10, cup size C, skirt length 36-38") 
However, some of the costumes do have elastic in skirts which could be released to fit a larger hip or added for a smaller, and padding in bra could be added/ removed to fit at least a cup size either way... 

Introducing..... No.1

The Red Poinsettia 

A fun simple, yet powerfully striking costume that is in really good condition. I would say as good as new. The red is bright and the material has a red glitter through it so it really pops in the lights.
 I have only performed in it 4 times! The bra is a little big for me, would fit up to maybe a D or E cup? The skirt is heavy due to the amount of work on it and therefore would also suit a dancer with slightly larger hips than mine to carry it better.

Asking price £180 / $280 (plus postage) 

Interested in a 'new to you' costume? let me know!

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