Sunday, April 06, 2014

Shimmy by the Sea dance festival March 2014

It is lovely to see a bellydance event so successful that they have to do it twice! That's what happened to the UK dance festival Shimmy by the Sea where I was asked to teach and perform at both the weekends this year.

I flew over from Cairo, just for these two weekenders (and of course for the week of shopping in between!)

It is a small scale festival through choice, the organiser, Chloe Dent, likes to keep it friendly so prefers numbers of no more than 50. It was perfect. So many lovely ladies all together doing what they love, bellydance!

Everyone was staying in beautiful wood chalets around the grounds of the holiday camp near Battle (which is where the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066) and the classes were held in rooms in the main house. I got to share a chalet with some of the other teachers; Nawarra and Artemisia. It was good to have our own space to sit and relax and chat and we also ended up a few evenings round at Chloe's chalet since she had a hot tub! Much hilarity was had I can tell you. The laughs and chatter of international bellydancers sat in a hot tub must have kept the neighbours awake and entertained! (or they may have hated us.....)

I unfortunately managed to get a nasty eye infection the first weekend, so when I performed at the show night, at which everyone was all of a very high level I have to add, I looked like I was permanently winking at my audience! Thankfully Aimee Taberer managed to capture a few nice shots of me dancing anyway...

It was a lot of fun. Both times. The second weekend was like Dejavu though... which was rather weird, but at least the eye had cleared up by then! I liked the informal, relaxed mood of the whole event and if you are looking for a festival that gets that balance right between learning and enjoying dance and spending time with other women who enjoy it. This one is for you!

here's a wee video taken there by EverythingEgyptian of me dancing Shic Shac Shok;

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