Sunday, April 06, 2014

Shimmy by the sea... 2 !

Here are some more photos which show what a fun time we all had at Shimmy by the Sea...

Week one girls;

 Week 2 girls;

Silly bra time;

More silly bra shots:

And more...

Trip to the chippie in Hastings... 

Saidi workshop:

And the sexy baladi workshop:

Some of us in the Penny arcades after the chip shop visit: 

And me hiding my gammy eye behind some rather glamorous ladies;

Om khalsoum put in a guest appearance to my improvisation class:

In the pink....

And my oriental workshop had everyone warmed up on the first night:

Thanks to all of you whose photos I stole from Facebook to include on this blog. I love you all!!! 

and for your viewing pleasure- another video clip of me dancing at shimmy by the sea... this time a short clip from a rather crazy said inspired shaabi number... Thanks Pauline for filming and thanks June for transferring it to youtube for me to add here!

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