Monday, January 06, 2014

Christmas, New Year, Christmas

It's Christmas Day, again. Coptic Christmas that is...  This year there have been warnings put out by embassies to avoid the churches in case of attacks by MB extremists. Thankfully, so far, no problems... And fingers and toes are crossed.

Christmas I was at the British club here in Cairo. Turkey and ham no less! Then off to another nightclub to performing my Santa costume. Swinging a giant candy cane instead of my regular saidi stick! We had a lot of fun and finally got home at 5am.

New Year I was back to British club again and more turkey and ham, followed by some sparkly group shimmys and general merriment. Then off to dance the night away at a house party. A gud new year as we'd say in Scotland, and another 5 am home time. This is more like the Cairo I know and love!

After New Year I had a performance at another house party,  very well tipping house party, and another 5am finish. A gig like that every second week and I wouldn't need to take on any other work! Of course, I would still work, since I do this job for the love of dance rather than for the money (god knows it's cost me more to be a dancer in Cairo than it's ever paid me in that respect!), but it would be nice to be in the black for a change too!

Coptic Christmas I am taking time out to actually go out and party for a change... Well. That's the idea, unless a last minute 'order' arrives... And in Cairo last minute can actually mean last minute. ....

I am looking forward to teaching my beginners class on Saturday here in Cairo too. We always have a fun time, and usually stay on after the class to have lunch together afterwards. I love the people I have met in my life through teaching dance!

Talking of loving the people I met through dance, I have especially loved this year all my Christmas and New Years wishes from China. In Chinese. Thank god for google translate. !  

So a fairly restful holiday period, compared to usual, and am having a sneaky wee holiday back in UK at the end of this month too! I say holiday, but of course I will still be fitting in a workshop in Edinburgh (what this space for details!) and in Manchester (sat 1st feb) too. Has to be done really! And yes, I will be available for a few private classes too....!

Here's wishing you and your's a merry Coptic Christmas, and a fabulous 2014.... I hope we can all fit in as much dancing in it as we want to !

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