Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A poem for my friends in Scotland

This poem is inspired by one of my many fabulous friends in Scotland. She said I should write more, so blame her, not me!

To my Scottish Friends.
(ie friends in Scotland, not just those born there, least some take offense!)

I love to see my friends
I love to see them all
But when i don't have much time
In doing this , I fall.

With high hopes I start
Email all around
"Im coming back, We must meet up
Before I'm homeward bound"

I think it will be easy
I'm there for two whole weeks
I'll run around and see them all
There isn't need for sleep

But flights, they are so pricey
That workshops must be done
I'm really not complaining
Cos Bellydance is fun!

Trains and flights and buses
Eat up much of my time
But least they give me space to sit
To write this little rhyme

Trips 'back home' exhaust me
Although I love them too
Excuse me if lose the plot
There's just so much to do

I have to see the family
Who live all o'r the place
Spending time with young ones
So they recognize my face

Don't talk to me of admin
Banking, bills and tax
Sifting through a whole years post
There's no time to relax

My Scottish friends, I understand
though I can pass on sleep
I know that those with jobs and kids
'Normal hours' must keep

I love every stolen moment
With each of you , so much
To eat and drink and hear your news
Deep in my heart you touch

Forgive me those I don't see
It's not that I don't care
It's just I want a long time
With you, that's only fair

A grabbed half hour is not enough
To exchange all of our antics
Our words would drown each other's out
The feel, horribly frantic

So you'll top the list the next trip
And we'll laugh and talk and eat
We'll hit the town, go dancing
Til we cannot feel our feet

Perhaps we'll go out shopping
And moan about our weight
We'll each admire the other
Just because we think they're great

We'll sit at kitchen tables
Clutching huge mugs of tea
The years will just evaporate
As we narrate our lives, you'll see

We'll cry shoulder to shoulder
'bout the trails that we have suffered
Recall follies of young days
And praise how we've recovered

We'll sympathise and empathize
The current crosses borne
We'll give advice when it is sought
For carefree days we'll mourn

For problems shared with good friends
Are problems halved they say
I know dear friends you lift me up
in the darkest day

You make me feel I'm not alone
Despite thousands of miles
Separate the places we did chose
To love and live our lives

So friends I've yet to meet with
In this whirlwind tour of home
Please know that you are special
Not the least bit overthrown

Each one of you is precious
You've all been there for me
Though fun times and for comfort
Through those rough times out at sea

Life out there ain't easy
I'm told its like a soap
Unbelievable to most
Still you help me to feel hope

But now I'm getting soppy
I'll man up and wipe the tears
It's just I am so glad to have such friends
Despite the passing years

I'll see you soon, Yes, that's a threat
A promise and wishful prayer
So meantime, have fun, create new news,
And yes, that is a dare!

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