Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's not fair! NOV27. Cairo

I am staying home today.... but so many Egyptians are not.
The crowds in tahrir square just now are in their thousands with many of the marches coming from different areas of the city not due to arrive for another hour or two at least.
The people are so angry about Morsi's power grab and they want to make sure he and the rest of the world knows it.
I have been watching it live on http://reuters.livestation.com/demo and the chants get into the heart of you. http://english.ahram.org.eg/News/59231.aspx explains what is going on.
Just now, Fatehy Gareeb, a young man in his twenties died suffocating from tear gas. I hope to God he is the last death today but I fear that it may not be. Not while the police are still fighting with protesters. The police have guns and tear gas, the protesters have rocks. I feel sick.

I know I said in yesterday's blog entry that today would be about dance... but how can I dance with all this going on in the country? I have to switch off Twitter and Facebook and Reuters and try and pack my suitcase with costumes for tonight's performance on the Nile Pharoah boat. Somehow I will put a smile on my face and entertain people, mainly tourists I am guessing tonight. I can't imagine many Egyptians leaving their homes tonight to go out for a meal. Most will stay home, or head to Tahrir I guess. . People at home are worried about my safety? I am sitting home, and then I am going to dance for lots of people who are coming out for a meal and to see a bellydance show... while 2miles up the Nile people are dying from tear gas. Warped? totally.

I hope that this time the people of Egypt will see that united they are powerful , but when they fight amongst themselves they lose that strength. Its a shame, in my biased opinion, that the Muslim Brotherhood have managed to brainwash so many people into believing that it is ok for their leader to put himself above all else, to make laws giving himself the power to arrest anyone he chooses on him own whims. I can't begin to imagine what is going on in these people's head- if anything.

My closest friends have said that one of the things which comes over strongly about me is I like things to be fair. What is happening now is NOT fair... young people should not be dying because they want the right to speak their mind and have the same justice applied to all. They die because they want to freedom to live their lives the way they choose, not by how it is dictated to them? It's not fair. They shouldn't have been pushed to this point.

I hope Morsi goes. I hope the secular/liberal leaders can stick together to fight this. I hope Egypt regains some level of 'fair' today. I hope there will be no more deaths.

Rabina Yostor (God be with us)

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