Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where am I going to...?

... I hardly know myself!!!

This time last week I was in Cairo, watching the news daily to find out what new wonders will unfold under a muslim brotherhood presidency...

Now I am in a lovely house in London planning the weekend of workshops and shows and dodging the rain, but more about the weather later!

At the weekend I was dancing in Newcastle (Newcastle Northern Ireland that is..not England!!.) for an Egyptian/Irish wedding (which was amazing fun, Thank you Laura and Garhy for inviting me to perform for you and your guests!). On the sunday I was teaching a 3 hour workshop in Belfast to a dance thirsty bunch of bellydancers... by the end I had them stick swinging with glee and walking like drag queens....... you just had to be there! As the Irish would say.. it was great crack!

Over the next week I will be in Kent Friday 20th for a performance;

and again in Kent on Saturday 21st for 2 workshops;

and then Cambridge on Sunday 22nd for workshops;

then I have a day in London to recover (available for private classes- just email me! )

then off to Edinburgh for a Performance up there on Thursday 26th July
(contact for all the info- lets just say- if you like cake, and bellydance- then this evening is for you!!)

and then Wales....... but that can wait til the next blog entry! otherwise i will confuse myself too!

In other, non PR related, news..............

It has been interesting being back in Uk for a few days. The weather is yucky of course, not too much rain but not exactly sunny either. I had forgotten what it was like to hang about a supermarket doorway hoping for the rain to ease off a little before the walk home with heavy shopping bags. (A huge plus in Cairo is of course in addition to sunshine almost everyday, it is free and easy to get your shopping delivered to your door at no extra cost!) Talking about money; the cost for getting around on the tube for a day is much more than taxi's everywhere in cairo! I miss that from a financial aspect.. but then the freedom to do everything and not have hassle is amazing too!

As I got out the tube this evening with my lepoard suitcases... wearing my lepoard jacket and mini skirt...(Just call me Bet Lynch)  the taxi driver leaned out his window and said... 'Ya assel, Ya mozza'.... actually, no he didn't ....  I am lying.

He did comment though.....  He shouted- ' hey miss- everything matches!!'  I could hardly disagree, nor stop myself from laughing out loud with relief!

What a difference to be able to smile and laugh with people, in airports, shops, you name it, without being frightened. In Egypt, often that would be only asking for trouble. So sad how it has become for women there, and almost all the noticable change has been since the revolution. I really hope that everything settles politically there so important issues such as human rights, never mind women's rights, can begin to be addressed ....

.. right... now I have to get back into some workshop planning........ chat more soon!

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