Saturday, July 07, 2012

From Sunshine to showers?!

I have just today returned from 4 wonderful relaxing days in Sharm, filled by sunshine and smiling.

I need to get out of Cairo more often. The busy city does gets under your skin when you are constantly involved... the noise and pollution and stress wears you down, in fact, time by a pool was just what the doctor ordered. I loved every second of the trip. Plus it was amazing to get a chance to spend quality time with my cousin and her little girl who had come over for a week. I do really miss my family in Scotland, although I suspect living away from my home country means that when I get the chance to see them then we all appreciate the time together even more!

The next week is going to be the rev up though to my UK tour... 5 weeks, teaching and performing all over Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales! I am excited and nervous at the same time! Although I am very scared about all the weather reports coming from UK just now... rain rain rain? really???

If you read my blog on a regular basis but are not going to be in the UK this summer... I will apologise now for the next few blog entries- which will most certainly be mainly (if not totally) concerned with advertising my whereabouts this summer! I promise I will dot in interesting excepts about 'Cairo versus UK'  throughout the summer too!!!!

so- the advertising begins.... not in alphabetical order, nor date order nor in any other preference really just because I am sharing all the flyers that have been made for the upcoming tour! here goes...MANCHESTER...............

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