Monday, August 02, 2010

days off

What do most normal people do when they have a day off work? thats right, do something different than their job. Me? well... I dance!!! Hmmm

yesterday I went to a Zouk class (at Stilleto) . It's the 1st class I have ever done for this dance form, but it won't be my last. I LOVE it. The music is what motivates me.. I'd love to get really good at this purely becuase of the music! It's amazing, like a mix of salsa and african and r&b. Music to feed your soul.

so between sitting on friends balconies chatting about what might be the outcome in the country after Mubarak dies... i was swishing my hair around zouk style ( as much work as a khaleegy workshop I tell you!!!)

then today... another day off... and I have 2 private classes. One is for a friend who is shocked that she has lived in Cairo so long and never learned the dance- a taster session of the basic moves- that will be fun.. especially after a little drink first to loosen us up!!!
I also had a class this afternoon with a group of girls from Ukraine. (They had booked my studio to use it for a class with Donia, who is the sister of Amani Zaki, and when they discovered they were coming to my house decided to have a class from me too)
Wow those girls can dance! They were so good at following. In fact, was a very strange class... what they wanted , and what they got, was me dancing for the whole hour and them copying! I loved it- they loved it- and are coming back later in the week for more. For me it was an intensive hour of performance practise in front of the mirror, which I am way too lazy to ever do without an audience. For them they got to see how I interpret the music and how I dance, not just how I teach dance. One girl named me the 'master of improvisation' I was pretty chuffed with that title!!!

Anyway... for anyone who ever wondered what I do with my life when I am not dancing... the answer is obvious- I dance!!!!

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