Monday, August 09, 2010

Confused audience

My last blog (that wasn't advertising for my upcoming tour!) was all about unappreciative audiences.... I just realised that I should write also about the good stuff too- cos it is way too easy to focus on the negative!

Tonight I had three seperate tables of people all come up to speak to me after my show... all of them (mixed groups from Egypt, Lebanon and Dubai) all asking where i was from because by looking at my face they were sure I was foreign, but then watching my show they were convinced i was Egyptian. Thank God! I can't do much about my face, well, I could but frankly the 'lets all get so much plastic so we all look like Nancy Agram' doesn't really do it for me! So I will stay looking non-Egyptian and confusing people by dancing Egyptian!

I love my job. I love dancing, even when my body hurts and my brain can't string a sentence together because I am so tired from shows every day... I still, when I am up on that stage, love it.


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Anonymous said...

And you know what, the audiences can obviously TELL that you enjoy your job so, SO much and that's why THEY enjoy the show. :) It makes a big difference when you watch people who dance like its an effort and when you watch people dance like they could do it everyday for the rest of their lives!! :) Passion is so important - and you have it!!