Monday, June 07, 2010

I love Paris in the springtime


....... but I'm not so sure about in the summer!

I danced for Paris Hilton last week. She hired out my boat... for her and her friends (and security) for a sunset sail.

It started out well... everyone looking and smiling... Paris herself (dressed like a 'normal' person in cap, tshirt and jeans) even filmed me on her iphone (which had a lovely sparkely cover). However... the concentration span was short and by the end of my 1st dance she had opened had laptop (apple mac) and was sitting with that in front of her and her huge dark glasses on.... for the rest of the sail! When I did a costume change she did pause for a second to take another snap (fashion ideas???) and then back to her computer.

No she didn't have the wee pooch with her.... maybe she was talking to him on msn?

It was a very demoralising show... thank god for the people she brought with her. There were 3 tables... Paris and her girls (all young and beautiful and cosying around her computer, one her photographer, the others i don't know who), one table of well-heeled young Egyptians and the table of security. Thanks god for the Egyptians and bouncers!!!! At least from their reactions i KNEW that the lack of interest from Paris wasn't anything to do with my dance!!!

I assumed that we wouldn't be doing the usual going around the tables to do photographs thing... but the photographer indicated that i should.... so I went up to Paris table and said, 'hello ladies....... would you like a photo?' well I was in work mode wasn't I? anyway- i didn't really think about the pause before they answered yes..... not until i was back in the changing room... but i am maybe the only person who has asked Paris if she'd like a photo with me!!!!! hehe

Anyway, it was an experience... and Paris has me dancing on her iphone.


Unknown said...

Great story!! It must have been pretty miserable at the time but a good one to dine out on! And I love the idea of Paris Hilton having you on her phone :)

于呈均名 said...

我又來看你囉~加油^^ 祝你天天順利開心..............................

Miss Vena said...

Paris Hilton has no idea that she was in the presence of a wonderful, dancing goddess. I know nuff people that would have been clapping and joining in the fun.

Great story as always!