Saturday, May 22, 2010

The sparkle cycle!

My friend Emily (a top dancer in London) sent me the following tips for washing bellydance costumes.....I figured it was only fair to share it with the world and hear your experiences!!!!

' I discovered a great way to wash costumes. It sounds scary but works a treat as long as they don't have feathers or anything like that on them. Put them in a pillow case and safety pin it shut then put them in the washing machine on cold/express wash with non bio detergent, spin on a gentle cycle and hang to dry! I've done Bellas, Emans and Amiras this way and they all came out clean and smelling fresh with no damage (ok so 1 Eman lost a few stick-on stones which I just reglued). ' Emily.

I have since tried this out and my 1st 2 attempts have been perfect (waiting to get home from work to check 3rd attempt which i left in the machine!!!). Just a handful of the glue-on stones have come off... so will have to reglue. I guess its not worth doing it most of the work is glued rather than stitched!!!

I also guess if you just dance occasionally at a halfa or 2 then its not worth the risk... but if you are a professional dancer like me, dancing serveral times in one night... then a good , affordable, safe way to wash the cossies is a godsend.

Thanks Emily!!!!

Please do feel free to give me your costume care tips?!!


Rose said...

Hmmmm.. Interesting--I'm intrigued and would like to try this, but I'm not certain what a "non-bio" detergent is. Can you please explain (or give and example of a bio detergent versus a non-bio detergent?). I'd be very appreciative. I can ask follow up questions on another website, but the phrase "non-bio" detergent is new to me. Thank you! :)

Rose in SV

Barbara said...

IMHO the safest way to wash your costumes is to put them into a tub with handwarm water and a bit of Woolite and swoosh them around gently. Then rinse thouroughly and lay (or hang) to dry. Air dry is best, but ofcourse keep it out of the sun!

Anonymous said...