Sunday, January 11, 2009

Club-hopping in Cairo!

Tonight was mad. I had planned a night in... working on all my many outstanding emails...
then i decided... no- I need to go out.

So I met a friend and we went to La Bodega in Zamalek ( a nice place for a drink and chat in a mixed expat and Egyptian crowd), then to Pub 28 ( which had an older more seditary crowd in it)

Then I called another friend to see if they were free and we went to Mojitos at the Nile Hilton.... That was pretty empty (and they have done a horrible thing- a temporary ceiling with ruffled satin lining- you feel like you are in a coffin!)... then we really began our tour of Cairo's nightspots.

Latex ( Nile Hilton) had a very empty R&B night (seemingly tuesday night is the best night for that!). Sat night ladies get in free- I could see why.

Ritmo in semi Ramis intercontinential looks posh and was also quiet ( granted it was 2am!)

The Buddah Bar at the Sofitel el Gezirah has to be seen.... they have a HUGE statue of a Buddah- right in front of a massive window onto the Nile- it is cultural clash but amazing well done. The restrooms in the hotel foyer are rather lovely too- with terracotta tile with matching colour of grouting (believe me- its worth noting!!!!). That hotel has a lovely terrace area just on the Nile side to sit and smoke sheesha and drink tea - although we were rather late to do either. A very romantic spot though.

Grand Hyatt hotel was next on our 'pub crawl' of Cairo. The Hard Rock Cafe was buzzing... but unfortunatly full of sleezy arabs - by the time we had taken 20 steps inside the place I felt like I had been mentally undressed by the same number of men. NOT nice. It was strange to see a place I consider to be a restaurant done up like a nightclub though... dance floor and DJ. We left sharpish though and went for a play in the lifts!

40th floor at the Hyatt makes your ears pop- really - its like take off in a plane. The revolving restaurant there shuts at 11pm... so we also missed the lounge area there with the water feacture time.

Four seasons Hotel (garden city) was just accross the road... so we wandered over to see what they had on offer. They have one bar.. called Zaytouni (olive) , which looked like a hotel waiting lounge- actually all their restaurants do. ( spice, steak esp)- all fairly non excting. There was one restaurnat called Aquas which had beautfiul fish tanks with HUGE fish in them ( animal lovers dont go- i am sure those tanks are not large enough for the fish!!!)

So... we did then conside checking out the other four seaons ( in Giza) but decided it was a little late ( at 3.30m) to see if anyone was in club 35 or in Indigo bar..... so instead.... we went to a new a rather fabulous takeaway food shop in sharia mohiden abdul aziz, mohandiseen, called Abu Kofta. They had a shop in Port Said which proved so good and so popular that they are trying their hand at Cairo now- I believe they even have a website!
Then we sat in the car eating Hawoushi (meat inside bread that is then deep fried-as amazingly tasty as it is bad for you!)

so- all the 5 stars and then end up choosing to eat street food in the car!!!

It was a fabulous night. so much so, that I am just in at 4.20 am and felt I had to write all this down NOW before i forgot all the places we went!

Oh- and did I mention I had a house party on thursday which was so much fun that people would arrive, I'd greet them at the door, then i might see them again 3 hours later- and they had been in my living room the whole time!!! It was great- lots of Salsa, and at least 14 professional bellydancers- well- you can imagine can't you!!!!!

Life is very good just now. el Hamdullah !!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I LOVE reading your blog =D
I'm 15 and I've been dancing since I was 12. My dream is to travel to Egypt and perform there when I'm older. It's so great to get a taste of it by reading your blog. Even though there are hardships in being a professional dancer in Egypt it's still has to be one of the most fun and invigorating things to do.
And wow, you've seen Randa Kamel live?!? She is one of my most favorite dancers, I really look up to her =]
I have a question also, do you mind if I use your blog as one of references for school? I write blogs for my English class and I really love to write about dancing.
I'll send you the link to where I'll be referencing your blog =D
Also, but do you really think the amount of dancers in Egypt is getting lower and lower due to the political/religious climate?
Anyway, sorry if these seems so long! I'm just so fascinated. Dancing is my ultimate passion and it's just amazing to read about it from a dancer in the Egypt. I wish Nagwa Fouad or Randa Kamel had a blog...

Noffster said...

wow Lorina u seemed to have enjoyed urself that night. First-off, I used to do the same hopping-route experience u did almost monthly, except for going to Abu Kofta whats up with that?!
Then I'd changed the stops that I'd go to finding some spots to be intrusive/lame/n prephaps assertive such as that Latex, Ritmo n Hard Rock. Bodega's ok, so is 28 & 35, Mojito, l'Aubergine, n CJC.
Word of advise, easy on the street food after a night of binge drinking. My car was a victim :(
But I wouldn't call any of these proper "Clubs" as u'd find in the UK, but hey socializing is the key i guess.
U sound like a fun person 2 hang wit.
email me sometime (, for another club-hopping adventure :)