Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Book Review, long overdue

I was reminded by a friend today that I used to write a lot in here about the books I have read. I haven't done that for a while... partly because I went though a phase of not being able to get my hands on anymore translated arabic novels, that I hadn't already read (I figured most people who read the blog are more interested in these) and partly because I got so carried away with life I forgot that some people really like to know these things!

I feel my blogging standards have gone downwards in direct correlation with the increase of houseguests.........!!! sorry guys..........

so....... my good friend Emily leant me a lovely book which I just finished this week.

A Border Passage
(from Cairo to America-A womans journey)
by Leila Ahmed
published by Penguin Books.

It was interesting on many levels.

firstly- written by an Egyptian woman ( and I meet so few Egyptian women that its hard to believe I actually live in the same country as them- so any insights as to our similarities and differences are always welcome!!!!)

secondly- Leila comes from an educated 'westernised' family and makes some very interesting observations on education and culture in both Egypt and UK, and especially about the way 'europe' as a culture was viewed at that time in Egypt.

thirdly- 'that time' being the years around the revolution.......... with lots of things emotionally , politically , financially culturally going on................

forthly- being interested in womens issues and rights, Leila is writing about all of this from the womans perspective- the discriptions of daily life at home with other women and their various interactions were what glued me to the book.

what can I say? Thanks Emily for lending it to me.......... and I recommend it to anyone interested in Egypt, Egyptian politics, and in what it means to be an Egyptian woman.

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Annette McCann said...

Thanks for the recommendation Lorna. I got a copy and am going to review it for Bellydance News!
Will put a link to your wonderful blog for those who haven't come across it as yet.
Lots of love, Annette xx