Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fire and Frustration.... or Blaze and Betrayal...!

Yesterday there was a HUGE fire downtown in one of the main parliment buildings ( and it wasn't even guy fawkes night). Seemingly a short circuit had set off the blaze in the 19th century palace. I was in my changing room at work and heard a noise that made me feel like I was in a war zone. I ran outside, following everyone else, to watch the huge army helicopers swoop down onto the Nile, right beside my work, rocking our boat with the waves caused by the helicopers, while they filled huge containers with Nile water with which to try to put out the blaze which lasted over 5 hours. I had to laugh reading this article
(which may well be true as well) but they say helicopers dumped 'fire resistant chemicals' on the fire- so now we know why you should never swim in or drink the Nile water!!!! The whole thing was quite something to hear and see. Thank God no-one as injured in it.

Then something else disasterous on a personal level happened.

My gold bangle was stolen from work. It seemingly feel off during one song on stage and one person swears he saw another pick it up and pocket it and of course that person denys everything. I am gutted.

Firstly it was a very precious thing to me... an unreplaceable and expensive gift, and mainly I spent the entire night in tears becase I feel totally hurt, powerless and controlled. People I work beside on a daily basis can steal from me, lie to me and still I have to work with them???? HOW??? I spent all last night in tears... just can't get over how someone can do that to someone they work with. Of course i complained to the managers and asked for security to search everyone- but they wouldn't.... at home I would have just called the poilce- here that would just be inviting even more trouble ( and backsheesh). Everyone says here that its just a thing... don't be upset.... but thats not the point... its the betrayal of trust. When you believe you are part of a team all working towards one thing ( in this case- providing artistic entertainment show after show) and then you suddenly realise that no matter what anyone else says you are totally alone. It makes me want to pack up and go home.


Anonymous said...

great post.
Okay I have two different responses for the two different segments. First of all that is horrible about your bangle. I hope for you to have some secret ally that will help you. I bet if you are patient you will come to justice.
Second of all, that article was hilarious all the way around, wasn't it? I mean- one quote is, "if the fire continues (to rage and engulf the building for hours), then it may destroy the building." -wow really going out on a limb there, --and he wanted to remain anonymous for that statement!!!

Dons said...

lol i didn't read the fire bit but talk about stating the obvious. as for the bangle, you want me to come over and stick the head in whoever may know? you don't thieve off your mates/colleagues/ANYONE if you're a halfway decent person. someone needs some Scottish persuasion to give up info. i really hope you get it back and the person who took it is infested with the flies from a thousand camels groins