Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bellydance costumes

GREAT news for lovers of Bellydance costumes....

the wonderful Amira el Kattan ( aka Pharonics costumes) now is accessible direct and online!

Their website is blocked access from Egypt ( to stop other designers copying their stunning designs) but for everyone elsewhere you should be able to see what they have got and place your orders ( and no I dont get commission!!! ;-) ) !

I haven't seen the website yet (obviously since I am here in Egypt) so looking forward to having a look next week when I am in Scotland!

go have a look and see what you think........ and let me know!


( I just bought 2 new costumes from her today which I am going to trial run tonight.... planning to bring them to UK to perform in there, so hopefully you'll get a chance to see them soon!!!!)


Georgina said...

woow! thanks a lot for letting us know, it's big news :D at least to see the designs if now I can't afford a gorgeus dress!

Dons said...

these costumes are gorgeous, i'm just starting to get back to dancing after a 15 year break and i'm very excited. though there's different kinds, egyptian, tribal, tribal fusion (what's the difference???) at least i know, or hope, i'll look pretty fab whatever i end up doing