Saturday, July 05, 2008

summer in Cairo

well - it really is summer here in Cairo. How can you tell......?

- Its hot- around 40 deg most days.

- The streets are busy - esp in mohandiseen, the area I live. since all the arabs have arrived for their 2 month holiday.

- The horse boys are on my street corner- I now have 3 horses and 4 donkeys standing at the end of my street, with boys trying to rent them out to the Arabs for treks round the streets. the horses are lovely- the boys/men with them- not so!

- At work there are a lot more Arabs in the audience than 'westerners' ( who aviod the heat!). This makes for interesting dynamics at work. some nights are fantastic- to be able to turn around a dis-interested audience into one which complains when you finish sooner than they want is a wonderful feeling! Of course- with the highs there are also lows... some people don't realise when you bow at the end of a dance they are supposed to clap. I swear I had a night last week where I finished my dance and not one single person clapped. I was in shock and nearly walked straight off the stage! they did come round by the end of the night- thanksfully- but that start was the most horrific thing that can happen to any performer!

- Did I mention its hot? I have taken to bringing my Laptop and sitting in a cafe near my house so I have access to their AC !!!!!!!! Also stops me getting too lonely..

so its summer!

I have changed my structure for getting ready for work too. It used to take half an hour to get hair and face done and costumes together to get out the door.

Now it takes 2 hours!- half an hour to do my hair (dont ask- involves curlers- very glamourous!!!!!!) and then I stretch for just under an hour with nice music on to relax and inspire me, then make up on, costumes in bag and out the door. I hope I can keep this up - I am really feeling a difference in my dance now I am being strict about stretching. we'll see........ its only been 2 nights so far........

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