Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Morocco Restaurant CLOSED

The end of an Era in Scottish bellydance performing.....

Morocco Restaurant, Dundas st, Edinburgh is as of tuesday 15th July , officially CLOSED.

This is EXTREMELY sad, and very unexpected news for me and the whole of the Bellydance community in Scotland.

The restaurant gave up to twenty dancers the opportunity to perform on a regular basis in a safe, respectful environment. Most of the top dancers in Scotland have performed there at one point of another and it had held various dance shows, halfas, and fringe shows.

I would personally like to thank all the dancers who have performed so wonderfully there, and also those customers who have supported dancers there over the 6 years we have been in business.

I am personally gutted. I opened that restaurant, with Caroline Danso, back in the beginning and I have been supplying dancers there all these years. It was a place where experienced dancers could show off their talents and new, up and coming, dancers could strengthen their performance skills. I feel really sad that there is no longer a venue that can do this for our dance community and sad the good work done there can no longer continue.

wishing everyone all the best in all future ventures... lets hope this will be the start of an even better era for dance performance in Scotland, somehow!

On a selfish note- I am really going to miss having a place to perform for all my firends and students everytime I come home from Cairo......... so if anyone wants to organise hafla's , performances etc etc I would jump at a chance to dance for you all again!


Kaydee said...

wow, that ıs such a bummer. lıfe changes a lot all at once huh? the old dıes and ın comes the new. what happened, ıs khalıd goıng home or somethıng?

Annette McCann said...

So sorry to hear about Morocco closing Lorna. How sad. Dundas Street will never be the same!
Annette xx