Sunday, December 02, 2007

St Andrews Day Ball

I am an idiot. I went to the St. Andrews Day Ball at the Nile Hilton here in Cairo last night.... the dance floor was carpet (???!!!!) and I kicked off my lovely, suede soled, orangey/gold salsa shoes to dance and then wandered home at the end of the night and just discovered I left them behind (yes I had other shoes with me- didn't wander off barefoot!) Really hope they turn up in lost property tomorrow- fingers crossed!!!!

The Ball itself was ok. The meal wasn't what I would have expected for the ticket price and I was really disappointed there wasn't either haggis, or a Burns recital of any kind. The speeches were not loud enough or interesting enough... and the ceilidh band was good- but the caller wasn't the best I have ever seen and a few people wandered off down to the salsa night downstairs in 'Jazz up' because they just weren't following the dances enough to enjoy them, because of him. It was a band all the way over from Edinburgh too.

However, there were liqueurs pre and post dinner and wine and whiskey on each of the tables (probably the reason I left my shoes behind!) and the atmosphere was nice- lots of very friendly people. I really miss the Scottish humour living here!

It was also great to see men in kilts again- it's been a while!!!

Only thing lacking was having a bellydancer from Scotland perform in a tartan bellydance costume- now THAT would have been memorable!!!! He he
Me and my beautiful friends all dressed up for the ball....................


Kaydee said...

Hey darling.
Thanks for the wonderful blog posts. Reading them is an important part of my internet routine. I really miss attending workshops with you! I know I will see you again before long. Much much love and appreciation.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Maybe I should have added a counter onto this blog! It seems so many people are reading it on a regular basis all over the world- I feel honoured and a bit scared by that!!!!!!!!!

I miss having you in my workshops too Ya Kaydee- hurry back here eh?!!!