Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scary stuff- when everything is out of your control….

Well- a few of you have complained there hasn't been anything on the blog for a while….. mainly because I have been working every night (which is going great- still loving it) In fact one friend (Aline, on holiday here from Scotland ) came to see me last night on the boat and she likened my reaction to working here to being addicted to a drug. It's true – It gives me a high, dancing, like nothing else can! Anyway- I have had lots of mad and fun moments over the last couple of weeks too- which I'll tell you about soon- but I have to write first about the most horrible 14 hours that I just had!

1st- you have to know my flight back to UK was at 8.30am this morning.

2nd- you also need to know that in order to get your ID card which allows you to work as a dancer here you have to hand your passport over to the Mogamma (the government offices) which you can get back anytime you have to travel.

So what happened? Someone messed up. I won't mention any names at all- but I was let down badly- and the person responsible for collecting my passport for me- didn't do it in time. Even though they had known my travel date for, well- for 2 months actually!

So, although they knew this, at 3pm yesterday (when I still could have called BA office to change my flight) they didn't let me know til 10pm. In between shows (my waterproof mascara is tear proof too- but the khol is not!!!)

I ended up sitting up til 5.30am til the taxi came to take me to the airport so I could try and change my flight (to tomorrow since there is only on flight per day) Thankfully the woman there was very nice and agreed to do this when she heard my story, even though my ticket is not supposed to me exchangeable within 24hr of travel (it will cost me 5o pound though) However- tomorrow's flight is fully booked. So tomorrow at 5.30am I will head to the airport again to wait and hope someone just doesn't turn up for the plane! Otherwise I don’t fly til Thursday- which means all the people who have booked to see me perform on Wednesday night at Morocco restaurant will be sorely disappointed (but not as much as me!!!!!!!!!)

I am gutted. Tonight was supposed to be time with Khalid, and all day tomorrow was for time with my sister and her baby son Sam. Now I won't get that quality time I had planned. So please- send out some prayers that I'll be able to get a seat tomorrow so at least I can see my friends who are booked for the wed night!


As if that wasn’t enough…

My Taxi had an accident on the way to the airport this morning. It was bad. He was either on drugs, or psychotic… but it was the most scary experience of my life- I thought I was going to die when he accelerated straight towards a wall (in an empty street!). Thank god for the curb being so high. That stopped the car before we hit the wall and probably saved both our lives….. I have never screamed like that in all my adult life!

The scary thing was actually after that- when he started to accelerate up the slip road onto the bridge…………….. with me shouting at him to stop….. and then I saw his eyes- wide open and manic.

He did stop, and I jumped (shaking and crying into another taxi) and then he tried to charge me for the journey that far! The new taxi drive r set him straight and reminded him of the fine he'd have to pay if got his company or the police involved- which quietened him eventually. I had even booked the yellow taxi because the cars are newer and safer (and cheaper for long distance!) and I tell you- I made sure I called the company to complain about him as soon as I could talk! I will use yellow cabs again- but only once they confirm to me that that lunatic is sacked!

So I am alive and ok (apart from a very stiff back which feels like I have worked out in the gym for many more hours than I should have!) but wow- what a night.

Hope you see you all in Edinburgh soon!


Anonymous said...

God! Sounds like you've had an awful time! Hope you manage to get a seat on the next plane.
Natalie x

Anonymous said...

ooh bloody hell. what a nightmare. yes sending you lots of prayers that someone decides to stay in Cairo for a bit longer and misses their flight. I know you'd hate to miss performing at Morocco but also me and the Dancebase lassies will be gutted if we don't get to see you.
Big hugs. Elspeth xx

Anonymous said...

POOR LORNA! That sounds awful (the passport too, but particularly the lunatic taxi driver!). I am glad you are ok! I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed that everything goes smoothly.
Love Vanessa

Kaydee said...

lorna darling.what are these people that you can't trust?!?! whoever that guy that neglected your passport earned a demotion pronto. secondly I cant believe you were in that taxi ride. I dont know what to say. hugs and love and so sorry. (i know you love to work but if its every single night I worry about your wholistic health and well being.) something positive and valuable will come out of all this ultimately, just watch. love Kaydee

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that! Hope it improves!