Thursday, January 18, 2007


Nancy was dancing at the Marriot hotel nightclub. A wonderful venue for dancers- huge stage with audience all around and lighting etc. Last dancer I saw there was Rhanda and I thought she was fantastic there. Nancy is very beautiful. Very sexy. Tiny costumes.

She as quite a variety of moves too, but for me there was something missing. Maybe it was to do with tottering around on such high heels. Maybe because you end up watching the costume more than the dance.
I couldn't fault her for anything at all- and in particular she had a lovely audience rapport and got Natalie and I up to dance and handled it very well. I felt she was a nice person. But I can't tell you anything specific about her dancing. I need to go back without the group there to watch more closely I think! It didn't help matter that she came on over an hour later than we had expected… so I was not at my most wakefulness whilst watching! I liked her when she performed at the Ahlan we Sahlan festival… and I'd be happy to go back to see her again….

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