Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rugby Club

On Thursday night I went out with a few friends to the Cairo Rugby Club in Maadi. Mostly ex-pats there, almost all Brits… although the choice of music from the DJ could have given that away – Abba, Cheesy pop, 'I will survive' etc with a handful of Latin tracks thrown in for us salsa dancers in the crowd…

Unfortunately they only played one Arabic track- but that was dedicated to 'Lorna- the professional bellydancer' I swear I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me! Esp. since he said it about 6 times through the song- which wasn't even a very good one for dancing! If I ever find out who told him………. Anyway- what was fun was watching all the Brits flee from the floor when it (the Arabic song) came on and all the Egyptian (guys mostly) flock to it (the dance floor I presume- rather than to 'me' since I was dancing for me and very self consciously and with red face, NOT performing for the crowd!) Oh and I met the Finnish girl, Anke (not sure of spelling!) who teaches bellydance in Maadi too- very pretty, blond and nice rhythm. Didn't get to see her bellydance though so can't comment on that! Think she teaches rather than performs anyway.

They operate the same system there are they do in the other club in Maadi I went to. You pay an entrance fee- which is not expensive, but then to buy drinks you need a card which cost 50le and your drinks get marked off on it each time you go to the bar… It means you can buy your cards at the start of the night and not have to work with loose change I guess- but I found it just makes you drink more! Of course- Rugby club crowd much the same here as anyway… Lots of beer consumed, bad dancing impromptu karaoke on DJ's mic, a fight, people getting cosy on the dance floor, a man falling down a hole…. You know- the usual. They do actually have a Rugby team, so I believe, and they play and compete here and in other countries eg Dubai etc…

A fun night- I felt like it was my Christmas party here…… or nearest I'll get to it anyway- esp. when they were playing all the cheesy Christmas songs…… first I have heard them here (I bet all of you in Scotland are jealous of me for that!!! Since I am sure they have been in the shops since Nov!!)

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