Thursday, December 21, 2006

Back in Edinburgh

What can I say? Thank God my flight today was via Amsterdam and not Heathrow which is closed due to freezing fog- all those poor people stuck in airports- nightmare. Anyway- I arrived safely- even though my suitcase hasn't shown up yet...........

So- I am in Edinburgh til the 2nd Jan... lots of nights performing at Morocco restaurant (including Hogmanay) and already have a few private classes booked up too- oh and then there is Christmas and New year to fit in too!

I have already discovered that my attitutdes to life- and in particular, driving have changed. On way back from airport Khalid was- 'look at that- he didn't even indicate' etc etc - various comments- and i had been oblivious to it all and stunned by how safe and uneventful the drive was! No mad tooting horns or hours of traffic jams or sheep by the roadside. Mind you- he was behind the wheel- it may well be different when I am!

Glad to be back..... despite the cold!

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