Saturday, October 14, 2006

That man...

Well, since I know all of you will have been holding your breathe for this- I now know what the A4 poster outside the iftar tent was all about. It could have been a license for the tent. It could have been the person who had donated the tent/food ( although that would have gone against the teachings of the Koran since when giving to charity the left hand is not supposed to know what the right hand is doing). It could have been the family of someone who had died donating food in his honour. However, it was a missing person... not seen in over a week and people obvioulsy getting worried about him (either that or it was the authorities after him and posing as the worried family!!!) anyway- I know you'll be so relieved to know what it was all about.

The friend who read the poster for me (since my arabic script reading has not improved any!) also then told me a story about a British man, out drinking with his friends in Cairo.... gets completely drunk, walks home , along the autostrad (motorway) on his own and doesn't turn up for the following night of drinking. They don't start to worry until he doesn't show for work 3 days later and which point they call round all the hospitals , morgues etc etc no trace. After searching non stop for a week, they recheck a morgue they had asked on the first day and sure enough- there he was, and had been the whole time (don't you love Egyptian efficiency!). Since he had no ID on him at the time of the accident- whatever happen- likely he stumbled out infront of some truck, no-one knew who he was. Just as well his friend took such an interest!

moral of the story- don't walk drunk along the motorway, and if you do- make sure you have some ID on you and most importantly make sure you have friends in your life who would care enough to notice if you disappeared!

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