Friday, August 25, 2006

Ramsis of Cairo in the News today

Last night I had an extra long taxi journey- why? because the roads stopped last night for the great Ramsis!!! In Ramsis square, in front of Ramsis train station, has stood for over 50 years a giant statue of the pharaoh Ramsis ........

Last night they moved him so he doesn't get destroyed by the pollution and the vibrations from the trains........and perhaps so they can change the road layout of one of the most traffic jammed areas in the city.

Feelings here are very mixed- some happy that at last the future of such an important piece of art is being considered.... some really upset to have him removed from their daily lives, and others just wondering what 'they' are going to rename the square and train station!!!!

I know that my taxi driver on the way home was really excited about it 'Ramsis is coming, Ramsis is coming!' he kept saying! The roads were lined with onlookers, just waiting til the huge truck crept past, There were ever roads signs up everywhere showing the route he would take that just said 'Ramsis' with an arrow pointing the way (made me think of Gulliver on Lilliput island!!)- ....... oh, and never before have I seen soooooo many policemen lining the streets! It was an expectant and charged atmosphere, and that was me just seeing the people wait- not actually watching him drive by!

Not really sure what the thinking was in doing it on a thursday night...... I guess because on friday morning the roads are really quiet- but it made for an interesting thurs night when the cars are at standby anyway!

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Laura said...

I read about this on the BBC website this morning and thought about you!

Have read your blog and am thoroughly enjoying the updates and info - keep up the great work!