Monday, August 21, 2006

Felucca photos

Some more lovely photos of the feluccas on the Nile....

The small boat in front was being rowed by the wife, with oars more like poles than oars- no flat bit to help pull the water along- and while she did that, and looked after the kids at the same time the man sat and fiddled with his nets........... since then I have noticed it always seems to be the woman doing the hard work on board!!!

Maybe I should sponser a felucca........just imagine a huge photo of me, in costume, floating around the Nile...Hmmm maybe not!!

When the aeroplane flew right above the felucca it made the contrast between this ancient mode of transport, and what we have become used to, even more obvious.

And so approaches the end of yet another hot, sunny, lovely day in Cairo...........

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