Thursday, January 07, 2016

A dancer's Typical work night in Cairo!


well just about got my breath back now...

Christmas and New Year are out the way.... only they are not, because today is Christmas day in Cairo!

Happy New year to you all, and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it on the 7th Jan!

I haven't written here, because I've been writing for another blog!! (traitor to myself!!!!)

A fellow dancer who I knew when she lived in Scotland, lives now in Australia and has a blog. Yasmin asked me to write an article about a typical night of work for me... my answer ended up being a super long one... so, rather than repeats bits of it,  here is the link , so you can check it out direct at the source and also read other dancers replies to the same question! Interesting reading... Hope you enjoy it!

A Typical Night in Cairo, by Lorna of Cairo

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