Thursday, June 12, 2014

China comes to Cairo

Last week I was very excited as my lovely students from Shanghai were here, in Cairo and coming to see my show at Fairmont Nile City!

I had been watching their postings from their sightseeing trip round Luxor, Aswan and the Red Sea the previous week and my heart was already warmed by seeing them enjoying Egypt and all the amazing beauty it has to offer! Good for them and good for Egypt.

I really enjoyed dancing for them on thursday night. I always really enjoy it when friends come to see my show. That night I was lucky enough to have dancer friends from London, Manchester and Brazil in my audience too. Double lucky!

I also took the opportunity that night to do a little celebration dance for Egypt's new President and wore my famous Egyptian flag costume. Everyone went a bit crazy! The staff in particular were very excited by that (more excited than they had been about the famous Safinaz dancing at my venue the night before!). They expressed great pride in me as 'their' dancer and were touched to see that Egypt's 'fresh start' means as much to me as it does to them.

The faces of the Egyptians in the audience when I pulled up a couple of the Chinese group to dance with me was very amusing.

After my show I sat with 'my Chinese' as I affectionately call them and they surprised me with the most touching and personal gift... during my stay in Shanghai last year, they had a professional photographer follow me around classes and outings. Then they took these photos and made them into this coffee table book for me, so that I would always have a reminder of the fun we had when I was there.

They were slightly out, on the first page,  in the years they said I have been in Cairo- I have been in Egypt now 8.5 years... not 14... but I do hope still to be here in 5 years, so maybe that will become true eventually!!!

Everything that is written in English on one page, is also in Chinese... its beautiful.

I was stunned, by the thing itself and that my impact on them had been so great, in the time I was there, that they felt they wanted to do this for me. I think Chess the cat likes it too...

We had wonderful nights out...

We went out and about on a photoshoot in Shanghai...

... and on the last day we put on a show for each other... I performed in a fun costume by Sagat costumes...

Brosis were such a professional and welcoming team. it was a real pleasure to work with them.

it was the last page of the book that was the real tear jerker though... a personal note from the students..

I miss Shanghai and all 'my chinese'...

However I am really happy to see some of them here in Cairo, inspired to come from all the stories I told them about life here. They are loving it. The only complaint I have heard from them about their experiences here is that they don't much care for the food. However, having lived in Shanghai for a month and eaten many different types of food there, I have to say sorry Egypt, but I too prefer the food over there too!

It's great to see them have such a fun time here, seeing dance shows and taking workshops at Nile Group festival. So happy to see tourists back in Egypt again.

Thank you so much to all those who took me to China, and then thought to make the fabulous book of memories for me. My life is enriched from having you all in it.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week here in Egypt, and I hope to see you all again in China very soon!

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