Monday, February 03, 2014

Sexy feet. A poem for bellydancers everywhere.

Sexy feet

50 shades cannot compare To all the types of pain
That I have felt over the years And know will feel again

Don't worry this is not risqué, No talk of chains or whips
It's all about the pain you get from Drops, shimmies , hair flicks

Yes Bellydance has kept me young. It also keeps me fit
Yet, 'fit to drop' I often add, then laugh and still do it!

My feet complain, they take the toll, The splinter of smashed glass
The broken beads from jangly belts. Once, fire ants on mass!

I've stepped on many yucky things, Foodstuffs that squelch and slide
Foot soles stained with turmeric, Turning slips into a glide

Ice cream feels weird, on toe not tongue, Dropped forks and Ring pulls hurt
I've even had a drawing pin, Deep in my heel! The flirt.

I've often left my DNA Upon a stage I've pranced
Red spots depict the to and fro; a peacocks mating dance

One stage was outdoors, in the sun, Black boards that stored the heat
That night at home, I had to treat The burns upon my feet

Some floors are rough,  so when you spin, Blisters appear, you find,
Friction burns upon your balls, of your feet, dirty mind !

Wear shoes you say,  yes that may help, Though high heels catch on hems,
On carpet pile,  on stage floorboards, I just can't make amends

Back to stage, barefoot again, My soles toughed though use
No sexy feet for this dancer, and that's the honest truth

Yet still I smile and entertain. Dancing, Dusk to dawn
Even with pain in my feet.The show, it must go on!

Sorry feet. More pain for you. More cuts and splinters too
Please hold out, be strong, be tough. There's Bellydance to do

When next you see a dancer, looking glamorous, a queen
Think of her feet, those suffering soles, and appreciate again..

The work involved in Bellydance. Harder than it may seem
But dancing for you, the joy it brings. Is my goal, My Dream.

"A peacocks mating dance" 

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