Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The joy of Bellydance

When I was in UK to teach at the JTA meeting in Newcastle, I also taught and performed at the Bellydance festival Jewel of Yorkshire (JoY for short!) . It is held twice a year in the north of England, in Saltaire, a little town near Leeds.

I taught 4 workshops, and I think my personal favourite was dancing baladi, with a stick. Wow. There was some energy flowing around that room by the time be finished! I love that although I am the teacher, I often come out of the class knowing so much more about the dance than when I went into it. An empowering workshops for me, and if I may be so bold as to say it for this students who attended too!

In the show I performed a saaidi dance. It was a lot of fun up there but the time was too short! By the time I finished I felt like I was just warming up. I have gotten so used to the half hour/ hour shows of Egypt, that the 6 mins slots in a hafla setting in UK just whizz by in a blink and leave me very unsatisfied!

I did have some wonderful photographers in the crowd though who where about to grab these fun shots of my show. Massive thanks to Sarah Selwood and Ian cartlidge, the official JoY photographers, and also to Mark Hurd, for all these joyful moments caputured;

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