Friday, September 21, 2012

TGI Friday.....

When did that happen...?

Its Friday.... that equals ‘yippee it's the weekend’ yes....?

It has done all my life. In UK it was ‘last school day’ and then ‘last work day’ before the weekend.

Then, when I came to live in Cairo nearly 7 years ago, it became many things. ‘The pool day’, the ‘travel somewhere far before there will be no traffic day’, and ‘the catch up with friends who have normal working hours day’, 'the don't expect to hear from your Egyptian friends until 3pm day because they will be doing family stuff and/or sleeping day'.

This morning I saw someone had posted one of those cute ‘feel good’ images... this one just read FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY....

I presume it was meant to make you feel good, to know your working week was nearly over, to make you smile. I am happy if it did, if it does. Enjoy... Enjoy it to the max.

It didn’t work on me. It made my stomach tighten. It seems my attitude has changed since January 2011. Now;

Friday = protest day,
Friday = stay away from Tahrir day,
Friday = ‘be prepared for anything day’, but ‘not surprised if it all amounts to nothing day’.

Cairo has fundamentally changed how I view a day in the week! How unexpectedly bizarre it that?
And not just me... I suspect for everyone else living in Egypt and many other countries too!

TGI Friday?

More like TGI   .... another ‘no bad news’ Saturday. (Inshallah!)

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