Sunday, June 10, 2012

and the earth moved..

Did the earth move for you too?!

Sitting at my computer in Cairo, on my 8th floor apartment... my stomach started to sway. It took me a few seconds to recognise to be honest. After all- my belly sways for a living!

Then I realised the the table and I were moving at slightly different times, and then the gentle chinking of the chandiliers drew my attention.

Yes... an earthquake. A little one. But a noticable one.

That makes it the 3rd I have felt in the 6 years I have lived in Cairo.

When it happens my 1st thought is , how big is this going to get? am I in danger? then- when it becomes apparent that it is calming down I feel sad... I want the sway to stay!

It's like Mother Nature is gently rocking troubled Cairo ... Trying to get her baby to relax and come out of the nightmare.

Times have been tough for most people in Cairo since Jan 25th last year. Tourism is down and people are scared to invest and build their businesses until they know the outcome of the presidential elections next week.

One tweet just now shows the confusion that is happening politically in the country;

"@mmabrouk: #Egypt earthquake. Waiting for #Shafik to claim was caused by #MB, MB to claim it's caused by godlessness & SCAF to arrest someone for it."

So, although the earth of Egypt has stopped its shimmy, for now... the agitation that is in the country will be with us for a little longer...

In the meantime... I recommend we dance. Create our own calming sway!

(news just in- in Sharm el Sheik the earthquake measured- 4.1... )

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