Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Costume Wash

Yesterday I had a girl come to the house to wash some of my costumes by hand for me. It's a horrible job... and needs a certain I hate doing it myself since I am always afraid I will ruin something! Also, I asked her to do them, because I know she really needs the money and this is a way of helping support her and her family.

One thing I learned from her yesterday is that seemingly it is better for the crystals and colour on the sequins to wash with Fairy/Prill (washing-up liquid for plates) rather than with Persil/Ariel (clothes detergent). It certainly did the job well.....

After she had finished and hung up all the costumes she had done I had a look and I have just realised that I have a bit of a thing for bellydance costumes whicch are either animal print... or very bright colours.... both together is even better!

Aren't they pretty?!!


Unknown said...

That looks like me dream costume threw up on your laundry rack :)

Ailie said...

cor, wish my clothes horse looked like that- mine is all ratty leggings and big knickers!