Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sunshine versus sandstorms

I hear the weather reports from Cairo today are cold, windy and sandstorms. Someone must be looking out for me because today i am in Scotland were the sun is shining and the skies are blue! Although by tomorrow I will be in (hopefully sunny) London.

I have had a few very packed days so far in UK. No dancing yet, but much dancing related chat! Its amazing how much we can talk about dance isnt it? unfortunately often the talk is about the various people in dance, rather than the dance, music and culture they come from itself. I wonder if every field is like this? I know salsa dancing is but haven't experienced many other 'hobbies' so dont know if this is a dance related trait or not?!! Do stamp collectors get together and talk about other people who collect stamps more than about the stamps themselves? or is it that dance is about expressing feeling and personality- and therefore has a wealth of things to talk about?  Anyway, its all very interesting...

I had a very strange moment today when one of my dance friends here in Edinburgh was talking about something and in the middle of the cafe stood up and did some hip drops to demonstrate what we were discussing.... I swear my heart stopped. Not just because of the beauty of her dance (of ocurse!)  but because she was bellydancing in public!!! I couldnt' stop myself quickly scanning the room in case of any problems. The idea of dancing in a public place in Cairo is so alien to me that it fills me with panic!!! I dread to think what would have happened if she had done the same thing in Cairo. I had to keep reminding myself that we were in UK and that it was ok!!!

I love coming back here and seeing how the dance scene has progressed in the 6 years since i left. All the people who are now teaching. All the various styles of dance that have developed. I am looking forward to the Bellydance Trophies event this coming sunday to see the girls perform there too. Oh, and I am very excited to see Liza Laziza there too (she's performing and teaching at the same event as me) it will be lovely to catch up with each other outside of the Cairo scene. Liza and I are 2 out of the 3 British dancers to have ever worked in Cairo professionally (the 3rd being Yasmina).

I'm the only British dancer to be currently performing in Cairo (I'm writing that to remind myslef more than to inform readers. It still amazes me how far i have come and that still 6 years on i feel so lucky to be doing what i do!)

Back to packing... what to take to pass the time on a 9 hour overnight bus journey? Inshallah I'll be able to sleep! London here i come.....
 (Manchester and Glasgow the following weekend!!!)

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OrientalIndianRose said...

I'm trying to book a place on Sunday's workshops with Lorna at The Place but the Bellydance Trophies website seems to be down, or is it that it's not available for mobiles?
Is anyone else having difficulties with this and what can I do about it; is there a number I could call for enquiries instead?
Hope someone can help!