Monday, September 19, 2011

Battle of wills... The ultimate Tabla solo

I have decided that the tabla solos i enjoy most are the ones where the Tabal is trying to push his rhythms, his ideas of what to do next, onto me, BUT is open minded enough to bend to my demands too. This creates a battle of the wills which gives the performance bite, I guess like a good Tango show!

I hate when a tabla solo becomes so rehearsed there is no room to break free. Even if i change my moves, often when you work with a drummer for a long time and usually they do the same drum solo over and over then they will go on and play the next rhythm in the 'routine' even if you try to dance something outwith the routine. I feel caged in when that happens...

I also get frustrated when the tabal, and this especially happens when you work with a new tabal, 'makes' you dance his music even when you try to suggest other things with your dance. I take it slow... building up the suspense then they get bored or something and just charge off into something fast that really wasn't needed at that moment in the show. Then I feel robbed.

The perfect combo... a strong, but interested tabal that actually wants to make you look good too... and isn't so narrow minded to think that he knows best in it all. Of course, I could never produce the music in the way he (usuallly all musicians in Egypt are male) does, but then I know the audience and my moves and how to pull that audience into the show in a way he doesn't. It must be a team effort.

The perfect conversation... when someone is able to listen and reply intelligently to what you say and then suggest ideas to take the conversation to the next level.

The tabla solo in my opinion should be exactly that! It is the most amazing feeling when it happens...... The adrenaline is at an all time high. 'Flying by the seat of your pants'.  I hope all dancers reading this have experienced this feeling... or get to experience it at some point in their life!

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Nick said...

Sound remarkably like dancing Salsa with you, Lorna!!

How often have you found this kind of tabla partner? When you do, how far is it a reliable or an occasional high?

I guess it matters more since you don't have a choice of dozens of tabla players each time?!!

Nick ox