Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Randa Kamel of course...

This has been the longest break without updating my blog. I'd love to say because I have been so busy with work, but unfortunalty Cairo is still quiet- despite all the restriction on travel etc being lifted from abroad. seems people are still a little scared to venture back. I hope they come soon..... Cairo is calm now.... and has been for some time..........

no- The reason I've been away from my blog can be blamed on 2 other bellydancers; Eshta and Randa!

Eshta (of Saqarah fame)  arrived from London a couple of weeks ago to join me here in Cairo- living the dream! She's hoping to find her fame singing here (since the dancing world is so competitive and difficult for foreign dancers)

 Hotel Bellylorna should be renamed Hotel EllieLorna!!!

It's been fun helping Eshta settle in and lovely to be sharing my place with such a fabulous woman. I think staying in Cairo just got 10 times more crazy! (come stay with us and party!! There are still the 2 large rooms available for renting out to visiting dancers- email me to reserve yours now!  bellylorna@hotmail.com !)

Then, this last week Eshta and i both attended an amazing new dance festival here in Cairo called 'Randa kamel of Course'. It was a whole week of JUST Randa (apart from the hour warm up /balance/posture/ reda training every day taught by former member of the reda troupe). Randa was so giving and professional.. we really felt that she desperatly wanted people to really learn as much as possible and she shared many personal experiences as well as her music and technique. All her classes had a selection of her musicians playing live for us too. I loved it! I have always loved Randa's dancing... and now after my complete immersion in her style for a whole week i admire her strength and discipline even more! I feel drilled... and inspired! (and just a teeny bit exhausted too!!!) Looking forward to the next one!

Wonder what this week will bring.....

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