Monday, April 26, 2010

Eastern treasure in the heart of Hussain

A new Indian restaurant has opened up in the most unusual of locations. Just as you emerge from the underpass from al azhar to Hussain, facing you is a huge beautiful brass door. Upstairs there is a sumptiously decorated cafe and indian restaurant with me and my friend Emily checked out last night.

The restaurant is called Taj al Sultan and its address is 1 al azhar square! they have valet parking should you require it, and the food was incrediably tasty. We had 2 starters, 2 vegetarian main courses, fabulous garlic naan bread and a coffee and water and the bill was 185le. I'd definatly like to return to try out more from their menu.

Service was elegant.

If you don't like Indian food- no problem- they also have a moroccan menu.... and indeed a lot of the decor reminded me of Morocco Walima (a restaurant I used to dance in in Edinburgh!) Not to mention the uniforms with the fez hats!

They were throwing a childrens birthday party upstairs... and I laughed til i cried when a pantomine horse came around all the tables in the restaurant, nuzzeling up to various higabbed women before heading up to entertain the kids!

Their website is and although it is fairly slow to upload, i do like the steaming cups of tea on the home page! There are also photos of the interior in the gallery page if you have the patience to wait for them.

A lovely bit of culinary calm in the chaos which is Khan al Khalili.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna,
fit like a day? keef halek? (as you are in cairo!)
I'm missing this resturant, i have been there twice,
i'm egyptian who have just moved to aberdeen, and there are no shisha cafes at all there!! unlike london.
do you know any or belly dancing clubs?
taj elsultan serve some egyptian food as well, and they have a very nice roof.

Unknown said...

I went here a few weeks ago and the service was DREADFUL. After sitting around for 10 minutes, they finally took our order. Then 20 minutes - THAT'S RIGHT - 20 minutes later they came to tell us there was no lamb. So we changed our order. Another 20 minutes later - no cheese! After waiting an ADDITIONAL 40 minutes, they finally bought our food ... AND IT WAS THE WRONG FOOD! I ended up at the taameya guy next to Al Azhar, and for LE 2 I got exactly what I wanted, in 60 seconds! Too bad - I've heard the Indian food is good ... if you can get it!