Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Balcony blogging

Thanks to a wonderful friend , Dave, my wireless internet is no working again- so I am blogging from the sunshine on my balcony!!!

I had a group of dancers from Australia come to see my show last night. Performing for dancers always adds that bit extra pressure- but also a huge extra dollop of fun... they were lovely and joined me on the dancefloor too.

My performance dates over next 2 weeks in April are;

Nile Pharoah-sat 25th, sun 26th, mon 27th and tues 28th
Golden Pharoah- wed 15th, mon 20th, wed 29th and thurs 30th.

Hoping to get away to the beach this weekend.... so excited at the prospect!

One of the things I have missed about UK so far- people telling you the truth rather than what they think you want to hear. I went to a shop, they said I'd be seen within a few minutes, then they changed it to half and hour, then it was actually one hour 10 mins later I was seen. If they had told me from the start it would be an hour I could have made use of the time to eat lunch or something... grrr.

However- then other things happen too... good things. Like when I went to the shop to get some passport photos and because i wasn't able to collect til the next day it turned out cheaper and then, when I went to collect them, they had made 3 full size prints for me too- just as a present. These nice surprises seldom happen in UK!!!

ups and downs. thankfully more ups than downs at the moment!

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