Saturday, September 13, 2008


Thats it.... its official. Once you learn how to bellydance you can never go to a club and dance 'normally' ever again!

I hit the town, in Edinburgh, on friday night with my friend Simone, and we danced til we dropped... but what was amazing was discovering how many different music types a shimmy and hip drop can fit into, and don't even mention the camels!!!! A great night and exactly the stress relief I need right now! My back didn't need it though- I managed to pull something by sneezing! thats what your body does to you when you dont dance for 5 days in a row ( well thats how my body repays me for ignoring it anyway!) Thank god for the pain relieving qualities of red wine!

I have been asked for private classes from so many students and feel so bad because I haven't yet done any since I am up to my armpits trying to spend quality time with my family. Finding it hard to revert to the UK time urgency lifestyle... still on Cairo 'take it easy' mode.... better get it together before I end up having to go home again!!!!!!!!!

oops- there- said it - 'home' being Cairo.

Of course, when in Cairo i write and talk about Edinburgh as being 'home' . So does that mean I am lucky to have 2 homes- or does it mean I never really feel at home wherever I am???????? Hmmmm

A quick note re workshops.... Dundee, Birmingham and Coventry and all beginning to book up well... so if you are interested in attending any of these get your bookings in asap before its too late. ...

The workshop in Birnam ( a new venue for me to teach in- but looks like a fabulous one) on sat 20th Sept needs your booking TODAY.... since, as a council led initative, if there aren't enough people booked in advance it will be cancelled... so if you were planning on coming and just haven't done anything about it- then contact the organisers ( see earlier post with details) NOW since Tuesday will be too late!!!!!

oh and finishing this post with good news......... Just managed to get a new workshop arranged in Penicuik for this month... Open level- NO complete beginners!

Tues 23rd Sept
The Townhall, Penicuik.

If you are interested in booking or to know more ( and remember I am not teaching in Edinburgh this trip- so this is the closest thing to it!!) then contact Cat asap on .


Anonymous said...

I don't go out to clubs much but I've noticed too that since taking up belly-dance I know no other way to dance now!Just can't help doing chest drops,camels and shimmies.....
really looking forward to your workshop next sunday in Dundee - hope we get a chance for a chat too, just really dissapointed that there's no hafla for you to perform at.
C u soon - Karen,Dundee

Anonymous said...

I identify with so much in this post! When you do a lot of dancing in one style, it infuses your every movement, IMO - when I danced flamenco, I thought the hand and body movements I used were "natural" - now I belly dance, my "natural" movements are all bellydance-related!

As for calling two places home - I felt like that once, when I lived in Africa and went home to Scotland occasionally. I don't think I really felt either place was home. Now I live in Oz, I've definitely transferred my allegiance and think of Sydney as "home". Scotland is just the place I came from.