Monday, February 18, 2008


You would think, that even though I always improvise when i perform... that since I am dancing most days, it would get easier over the years to choreograph a routine. I'm teaching a fun baladi/tabla solo number this coming sunday in Edinburgh (sorry workshop fully booked!) and i chose a very short piece (2 mins) since we only have 2 hours.

Today I set aside part of the day to work out the routine........... I have been at it for over 5 hours and it's still not complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its only a 2 minute piece! Thats an hour for every 20 seconds!

I dont' understand- when i was teaching over 20 classes per week it would take me about one hour to choreograph one minute of a dance. So, either my standards and skills are slipping, or the more likely reason, because I dont teach as much as I used to i have a lot of moves that my body automatically does to the music- without processing the information via my brain! In a class I normally having to break things down to explain to others.... but now my body has had the freedom to speed ahead on its own. It's hard to rein it back in!!!

I am giving up on it for today and will finish off the last 20 sec's tomorrow with a fresh brain and body....

Actually- I like it so much I might even include it in my Bellydance Banquet show this coming sunday in Morocco restaurant, Edinburgh (for which there are a handful of tickets left...... but going fast.....)

I have enjoyed it today though..... very theraputic...... and probably very good for my dancing too....... we'll see if i end up doing anything differently from normal on the stage tonight!

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Annette McCann said...

Hi Lorna!
Interesting entry (as ever!).
Can't come to Morocco - it's my son's birthday and we're all away for the weekend, but have a great time! and best of luck with the Choreography - I would love to have seen it.
Annette xx