Sunday, March 25, 2007

the Hunt continues...

I tell you- some really horrible flats up for rent in cairo!!!!!

this last week... I am seen places which looked like they were about to be demolished- with underwear hanging on the balcony... and one place had obviously been a brothel at one point- with a horrific huge plastic water fountain in one corner of the living space and mirrored and crystal pillers in the centre of the room- and the smells............... hmmm.

My landlord here in this flat really pushed the wrong buttons yesterday for me.... I was in my bed sick (ate something bad) so didn't answer the phone at 10.30am (the equivalent of about 8.30am in UK since life here goes so late into the night!) .. or the door......... so he let himself into my flat!!!! while I was lying in bed!!!! ....then he had nerve to be upset with me because i hadn't answered the phone! I yelled to 'go away- I am in bed sick' and he shouted through he would just let the people he was with see the rest of the flat instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled him out and, with only a week left on the lease, my friend came round and changed the lock for me within an hour!!!

the nerve!

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