Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sam's Birthday

It's Sam's 1st birthday today...........

Glad i am still in Edinburgh just now for it! Can't believe it was a whole year since i saw him come into the world....
oh, and for the record- since I have had a few people make this mistake after reading my blog- Sam is not my Son- he's my nephew, and a beautiful one at that! (as if i could have a baby and head off to Egypt to dance within a matter of months?!!!)

Oh- and since I am setting things straight here- Khalid (my partner) is from Morocco and lives in Scotland (not some guy I have met in Egypt!!!!)

There- all settled now!

What else- oh yes- I got the phone call I was waiting for and am heading back to Cairo this week! (Booking the flight right now in fact!!!) Watch this blog for breaking news of my work in Cairo! Been wating for this moment for 11 months- and now it is here I am almost nervous, or maybe thats just excitment tinged with the sadness of having to head back away from my family and friends here in Edinburgh....

Was great to get a chance to catch up with so many of you and I have really enjoyed the private classes especially..... Apologies to those of you at home I didn't get a chance to meet up with on this trip- hope to see you in October instead!

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