Saturday, July 29, 2006

More nightlife

I'm enjoying the selection of Live Music too. There are 2 bars which have live bands most night, Cairo Jazz Club and After Eight. Have seen a selection of Rai to Oriental to Jazz in these places- small and smoky, but a great way to let your hair down now and then (Cairo Jazz club has a boogie night on wed's with all the oldies- was hearing music I hadn’t heard since primary school- great fun!!!) The other 2 main places for live music and the Cairo opera house and Sawy centre- both on Zamalek, have seen a couple of bands (well- more like orchestras really) in Cairo opera house, beautiful venue, well run (except their website) and they stage big events like Mohammed Mounir in concert as well as smaller scale 'stars'. Sawy centre is a cultural centre (much better website!) and they have everything you can imagine- 2 halls, with something on every night from live music (rock, pop, classical, world- everything) to poetry and Sufi chanting etc etc, sculpture and painting too. During the world cup they showed films everyday about each of the different countries in it- so you got to learn about the people and life and culture of Italy before you watched them fight it out on the field- a nice idea I thought. Another place I have seen live music was a new one for me- the Makan centre- they have a Zar night every Wednesday- what amazing characters and voices- although eh girl I was with got a little freaked out by the whole idea of it (Zar has been banned from general practise because it is said to be done to call on spirits, and Jesus and Mohamed, to help cure people who are sick) Must be seen!!! I haven't even touched on the bellydance scene here- but I'll get to that soon!!!

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