Saturday, July 29, 2006

Miss the kids

Most of you who know me know that my sister had a baby boy, Sam, just before I left Edinburgh to move to Cairo. Thankfully she got hold of a webcam so I often get to watch wee Sam playing or eating and watching him grow that way- its so hard to see so many changes from so far away and wish I was there. Here's a photo of him so you can see why I'm missing him!

Cute huh?!!! Then of course I want to mention the others I miss too- but if I start putting in photos of them all it'll be like a nursery yearbook what with so many people having children recently! so Maya, and Christophe, Scott, and baby Hannah, and I haven't even seen the newest one yet- Lilia! 4 months is such a short section of someones life, and thats all I have been here for so far- but it seems huge to me just now, seeing and hearing what I am missing!!!!

of course you dont have to be under 5 to know I am missing you............!!!!


Fiona said...

Hey Lorna!

Good to hear from you.
You have enough material for a book!
Keep writing...
So proud of you and love you lots,


Nick said...

Hi Lorna

Everyone else in the world seems to be blogging away, but this is my introduction to it.

And what a lovely intro - especially as I'm coming to see you and Cairo (in that order!) shortly. I feel as though I'm already halfway there with these typically rich and insightful pictures of you and the city that you paint in words (and pictures).

Like Fiona says, keep going please until there's a book as well.

Looking forward to a hot week with you soon!


Marianne said...

Oh my god... Sam is very cute. No wonder you're missing him. Congratulations Alison and James!

Lorna - please pass on my love to Alison and the family. I know you sent me her address but I really don't know where I saved it. Sorry.


Marianne said...
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